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We provide technical solutions and a global optimization strategy for the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects in those power systems impacted in their reliability by a massive intermittent asynchronous generation from “older” renewable power plants

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GESINC can provide all the services needed during the development, construction and operation stages of a renewable power plant, conforming a one-stop development platform.
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About us

GESINC is a product of an alliance between the two Spanish Companies, Boreas and Capsun, which agreed to pool their 20 plus years and 2500 MW of development experience and knowledge in the energy sector in order to provide an integral approach for the development of the next generation renewable energy projects.

GESINC not only relies on its partners to maximize the value of the projects under management. Engaging specialized teams is to an ever higher degree being needed to successfully comply with the different development stages (land control, engineering design, environmental, operational simulation, financial valuation, regulatory advisory, …).

GESINC is further proud to work with some of the most successful and prestigious companies in the renewable energy sector. 


GESINC company’s values are integrated into the development approach. The final outcome should not only be measured by a successful project development and its financial profitability, but also by doing some good for the project stakeholders and the society.  

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GESINC’s development strategy is based in the following pillars

We optimize our development approach considering all technical, legal, financial and environmental aspects of the development process. 


We continuously evaluate ours projects value and impact for the stakeholders, such as the ISO, local communities, environmental impact, local development, … 


We collaborate with the most qualified people available that allows to optimize the final project result and to minimize development risk. 


We continuously adapt and optimize all development processes to comply with any technological or regulatory changes. 


We are fully committed to innovative renewable generation schemes that may provide added value in the medium and long term, not only for the portfolio itself but also for the power sector. 

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Our Shareholders

Boreas is a company formed in 2012 that provides strategic consulting services for the Power Sector, including regulatory advisory, project management and financial structuring. With offices in Spain, Mexico and Argentina, Boreas is mainly focused on Europe and America

Capsun agglutinates a huge experience in solar technologies such as PV and CSP in order to develop integration solutions in both areas. It is also one of the major stakeholder of BlueSolar technology, consisting of a smart hybridization of PV with CSP technologies for low-cost thermal energy storage. 

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